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Logo of MUI LPPOM Certified Halal Auditor Flavours and Fragrances

Halal law 33/2014 did not only made Halal certification mandatory in Indonesia, it also extended the scope of products that will need to be Halal certified. Next to food, also cosmetics and medicines have to be Halal certified starting on 17.10.2021, with some grace periods already ending in 2026.

HAS 23000 Certified Halal Auditor Flavours and Fragrances

Logo of Halal Balancing™ acquired the necessary skills as certified Halal Auditor Flavours & Fragrances (HAS 23000) to assist companies active in the field of flavours and fragrances, used in food, cosmetics or medicines.

These skills allow us to continue to expand our Halal certification supporting services, for the Indonesian market as well as for other Halal markets.