Combine International Halal Expertise with European Operational Excellence

Halal program

Modular approach

Picture of the Halal Balancing™ Halal Program

Not all markets are the same and not all companies have the same ambitions when it comes to Halal.

Sometimes the main concern is to protect the existing non-Halal market whilst on other occasions full fledged Halal Assurance Systems are needed to meet the customers requirements.

Therefore we developed several Halal modules, each reflecting the Halal Assurance needed.

Building up trust

Starting with an initial Halal Feasibilty Screening to assess whether Halal production is possible, the Halal Friendly Labelling™ program may be the first step to enter the Halal markets. This program is especially usefull when existing non-Halal markets need to be protected from possible negative reactions by 'going Halal'.

With the Halal Plug In® program, Halal production is rooted into the Quality System, ensuring a higher level of Halal assurance and Halal trust. Certifying the system with a trustworthy Halal certifier may further increase Halal credibility.

Sustainable Halal credibility often is only achieved when plugging in Halal into the management system (HAS Plug In®). At that stage, both Halal assurance and Halal trust become sustainable. Loyal customers start to create Halal Brand Equity™, further protecting the investments made in Halal markets.

Logo of Halal Balancing™ - balancing different requirements. Without compromising Halal Integrity. Halal for non-Halal environments.