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Halal Certification is less straightforward than ISO9000, IFS or BRC certification as there no unique Halal standard to certify against. The different Halal schemes result in different Halal certification schemes.

Additionally, Halal Certifiers are not accredited like standard Quality Certification Bodies are, so auditing capabilities may differ amongst Halal Certifiers.

And also the purpose of Halal certification differs. Whereas standard auditing is targeted to assessing conformity towards a standard, Halal certification often relies more on the religious concept of witnessing by a Muslim for a Muslim (consumer). Hence Halal certification has an important communication aspect of the Halal status of a product.

Halal certifier selection | Halal Balancing™All of these elements make Halal Certification a bit more complicated than expected :

  • different (country) Halal requirements, whether or not formalised in a Halal standard;
  • (International) certification outsourced to local, recognised Halal Certification Body;
  • this local Halal Certifier may add own specific Halal requirements to the original Halal requirements;
  • resulting in Halal Certifier dependent Halal audit requirements, for a same standard;

Some Halal Certifiers audit requirements may fit a company better than others.

As it is our business to know both the original requirements and the Halal Certifier additional requirements, we're happy to assist in selecting the Halal certifier that fits your company.

Apart from Halal Certifier Selection we can also manage the entire process, from preparing the Halal Certifier short list, final certifier selection, fee negotiations, audit preparation and follow up.

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