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Halal Chain of Trust™ | Halal Balancing™Halal Chain of Trust™

As non-Muslim producers inherently lack Halal credibility (see also 'Why trust in Halal is important'), the focus of our Halal programs evolves around installing and maintaining Muslim consumer trust. As without it, creating and maintaining loyal Muslim customers is more luck than skill.

Building robust Halal Assurance Systems is only the first, but necessary stage. Otherwise Halal becomes a promise rather than a guarantee.

Picture of the Halal Program | Halal Balancing™When thinking about conveying Halal trust, most people think of Halal Certifiers as the ones guaranteeing Halal integrity. Often companies only rely on their certifier as proof their products are Halal.

However, also Halal Certifiers vary in Halal [Certification] credibility, having a negative or positive impact on the company's Halal efforts.

The Halal Chain of Trust™ program assists in developing the Halal Communication Program, adding to the Halal Certifier's own credibility.

Halal Brand Equity™ | Halal Balancing™ Halal Brand Equity™

Just as any other market, Halal markets also face global competition. This involves the normal business risk, but also a specific Halal business risk : if consumers do not trust the Halal part, they will not go for the product part, even though they like and would buy the product. Managing this Halal business risk often is overlooked.

Picturelogo of Halal Brand EquityInvesting in a Halal brand indeed holds two promises : a brand promise and a Halal promise. The Halal promise holds the ticket to the Halal market - people have to trust your products are Halal - but the brand promise makes you win the business.

The brand promise is usual well controlled by the company itself, but the Halal promise often is much less controlled. With the risk of losing the entry ticket to the Halal markets.

The Halal Brand Equity™ program aims at creating a sustainable Halal business by combining the operational Halal strengths with a solid overall communication strategy. Taking ownership of Halal. Managing Halal business risk. Creating sustainable Halal brands and Halal value.

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Pragmatic transfer of Halal Knowledge. Maintaining Halal Integrity. Minimising Operational changes. Translating Religious Requirements into day-to-day Operational Procedures. Based on International Standards (Jakim, MUI-LPPOM/BPJPH, ESMA, GCC) and rich international experience.