International Halal Expertise for European Operational Excellence

Logo of MUI LPPOM Halal Supervisor certified - Halal Assurance System HAS23000:2012

Indonesian Halal law 33/2014

Halal law 33/2014 made it compulsory for companies to have a trained and certified Halal supervisor to manage the (also mandatory) Halal Assurance System.

Additionally, for a product to be certified Halal, it has to be produced using a certified Halal Assurance System, the Indonesian HAS 23000:2012.

Halal Supervisor & Halal Assurance System certificate

Logo of Halal Balancing™ received the HAS 23000 & Halal Supervisor training certificate, conform SKKNI No. 215/2016 (Standar Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia, Halal Supervisor Competency Standard).

Halal Supvervisor - HAS 23000 certificate

Logo of Halal Balancing™ is now also certified as Halal Supervisor, next to being qualified as LPPOM MUI Halal Assurance System internal trainer, HAS 23000 internal auditor and Halal Management Team Member.

These certifications allow us to continue to offer direct Halal certification support for the Indonesian (retail) market, old and new system (BPJPH).

It also gives us a head start in assisting companies to comply with new requirements local (BPJPH or LPPOM MUI approved) Halal Certification Bodies have to follow for their halal certification processes.