Halal dedicated - Wholesome by nature

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Premium Halal Poultry

At Otentic® we focus on premium, Halal dedicated poultry products.

Traditional and Sustainable

We favour traditional and sustainable production methods, as pure as possible.

More taste through the selection of adapted breeds, grown by local farmers.

Also the cereals to feed our animals are grown locally, minimising our ecological footprint and supporting the local community.

Eco-friendly ventilated houses with day light.

Litter is composted and recycled onto the fields, as fertiliser for growing our cereals.

Outdoor is outdoor

Our outdoor-range is what it says : roaming outdoors, sleeping indoors. But our Wagyu-style chicken does get better treatment though : milk-fed, mouth-melting, exclusive.

European quality

High animal welfare rules. Free roaming.

High food safety standards. High quality levels.

No animal by-products. No hormones. No antibiotics. GMO-free (EU 1829/2003).

Preventing, not curing.

Halal and quality built in

Halal hand slaughtered when meat quality is optimal, not when meat cost is lowest.

Air chilled, no spin chiller cooling water pick up. No need to decontaminate afterwards. Hygienic processing. Safe meat. Pure meat.

Overnight matured range, for optimal, natural tenderness.

Only meat, not basted nor any other additives added.

When smoked, natural hardwood smoked.

When cooked, deliciously slow cooked.

When further processed, whole muscle meat, not carcass meat, fresh, not frozen.

Vegetarian Halal feed, no animal ingredients used.

Full in-house production, short supply chains, higher quality, higher Halal assurance.

Dedicated Halal facilities - only Halal, no Halal-On-Demand -

Permanent Halal supervision by Halal Certification Bodies approved worldwide, including JAKIM (Malaysia), MUI (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore), ESMA (UAE), GSO (Gulf States),...

Halal dedicated - Wholesome by nature - Taste and Tradition

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